How will PFSENSE increase or improve the speed of my internet connection?

  • Hi,

    How do i configure my pfsense to increase or speed up my internet connection. I am currently using DSL 2.2mbps. When i was still using the D-link router, I was getting 1.7-1.9mbps everytime  i checked the
    After i had intalled my pfsense, i am also getting the same speed…

    Here's my pfsense CPU specs:

    Microprocessor: P4 3.0 HT
    RAM: 1 Gig ddr400
    Harddisk: 30Gb
    Motherbord: Asus P4C delux
    NIC: D-link

    It says that throughput consideration was:
    CPU Speed:
    <10 Mbps - 100Mhz
    10-20 Mbps - 500Mhz
    21-50 Mbps - 1Ghz

    How will i turn my pfsense router into this?


  • pfSense, on it's own, cannot increase or speed up your internet. As for your question regarding throughput, the speeds you listed basically mean how much CPU is needed to output that amount of traffic, so basically, your 3 Ghz Pentium 4 can handle more than 50mbps. This, however, does not mean that your internet speed is going to magically increase…  :)

  • OK, thank you very much sir… You'd enlightened me...

    Anyways, i've got another question.
    Is it advisable to activate load balance if i have to different speed DSL (2.2mbps assigned in WAN1 and 1.3mbps assigned in OPT1)?

    I had activated my dual-wan connection, but not sure if i going to create load balance?

    I had read some threads saying that they don't prefer to load balance...

    Will load balancing help improve internet connections?


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