Guarantee bandwidth for VOIP?

  • I want to know if there is any way to GUARANTEE a percentage of my WAN for VOIP?

    I know this would potentially be a waste of some bandwidth, but I need a definitive way to solve my poor audio problems that I have been having using the built in wizard shaper for voip.

    I would like if I could say all traffic other than voip can only use up to 70% of my bandwidth and VOIP can use 100%.  Is there a way to set this up in pfsense?

  • Can you give more details as to your problem?  If it is inbound, there is not a lot you can do.  If it is outbound, you don't need to play with guarantees, just priorities.

  • I think the problems are mostly inbound.

    Is there no way for pfsense to send retransmits when the inbound bandwidth reaches 70% to slow down the sending party, so the inbound bandwidth is not saturated?

    The problem is, we can only get a T-1 at this particular location, so bandwidth is very limited.  It can easily be saturated by even just one user initiating a download.  I was hoping for some way to limit all other traffic other than voip to guarantee a portion for phone calls.

    If pfsense cannot do this, is there another device or software that can?

  • Well, you can set the inbound bandwidth to something quite a bit smaller, and if most of your inbound BW is TCP, I think the shaper will delay the inbound traffic enough to slow it down.  I'm not 100% sure of that though.  If you have a T1, the far preferable approach is to have your ISP prioritize the traffic for you. I have done this when I was the technical consultant for an ISP in the past - it is not difficult to tell the far-end router to push RTP packets to the head of the queue (or even just UDP will help a lot.)

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