How do I setup multiple IP addresses on the WAN interface?

  • im currently running this as a test environment and i wanna see how it goes. i have 5 public statics ips that i got from my isp. first off im trying to eliminate the cisco optimum online gives u wen u get static ip but so far the mac spoofing hasnt worked because i have no clue what the mac is of the cisco, it doesnt seem to written on it anywhere. right now i have my pfsense box set up with a static public ip, and connected to the cisco(from what ool say it only acts as a gateway) it has 3 interfaces 1 onboard set to wan and 1 nic with 2 ports that i set as lan1 and opt1. i want lan1 to be my servers (mail, web, etc) and opt1 my home network with the rest of my stuff. i want all of my ips incoming requests to go to lan1 but i still want to be able to access my home machines via remote desktop. please advise on best way to achieve this

    thanks in advanced

    ps kinda new to linux and bsd

  • noo one can help me? i wanna assign my wan interface all 5 of my ips and have pfsense do the decision making on where it should go

  • Firewall –> Virtual IPs.
    Create as many additional VIPs as you have IPs.
    Then use these VIPs in rules (NAT, firewall, etc)

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