• Hi ,

    I use pfsense 1.2.3 version on my local network and i use dhcp server with deny unknowing client option.its work ok.But i want to know can i give unknowing client another ip block.

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  • Not sure what specifically you are asking.  You can certainly assign that client a specific IP address.  It does need to be in the same subnet that the DHCP server handles.  What are you trying to accomplish?

  • sory my bad bad english ..i try to agian what i want..

    my local subnet is network  and i us dhcp server on pfsense. On dhcp server i check the Deny Unknown clients and i give ip adress with mac filter. its work ok.

    i want to if mac address is not there give another ip block eg 192.168.0.X  ..gateway etc…

    thank you for you reply

  • I don't think there is a way to do this.  Again, what is the actual problem you are trying to solve?

  • i try again :)

    if dhco request client is known give ip , if dhcp request client is unknown give diffrent ip block etc ..

  • Obviously I am not being clear.  I understand what you are trying to get pfsense to do.  What I am asking is: what problem are you trying to solve that you think this fixes?

  • i have not a problem with dhcp its all ok .its work well. I want to know can i give ip address to unknown users.

    ps : sory late answer

  • I give up.

  • I don't think pfSense's GUI for the DHCP server allows that kind of configuration so you'd have to set up a separate DHCP server for such system.

  • the right answer to that is: no you can't, and as danwartz told you, post what you have in mind, or what do you need that for, may be someone will have better solution for you.

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