Small "test notification email message" typo

  • In the pfSense 2.0 beta from yesterday (July 18th 2200 hours), when I enable email notifications the test email that gets sent to me has a body of:

    This is a test message form pfSense.  It is safe to ignore this message.

    The word "form" should be "from." Also, it may be useful to note the LAN and/or WAN IP of the firewall in the email to make it easier to differentiate which system sent the note? Granted, the hostname/domain is included in the subject, so maybe that's not needed. Either way, the typo exists. I don't know if it's in 1.2.3 as well, I haven't tested the notifications there.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I fixed the typos (there was one in the e-mail notification and one in the growl).

    The notifications are new in 2.0, so they don't exist in 1.2.3. :-)

    As for the IP, a system can have multiple WANs, so there's no quick way to say what IP should be there unless you list them all, which can get crazy on some systems. The hostname is usually a better way, provided it's setup and not left at the default, of course.

  • Cool, thanks! I've gone back and forth between 1.2.3 and 2.0 so many times lately I forget what's in which :-) Running into some odd behavior where some packages won't install and others won't reinstall after being uninstalled (XML errors and it reverts to backed up config) in the build from 7/18, but haven't tracked down enough to report anything, and I can rebuild it if needed…it is a beta after all :-)

    Anyway...could send the gateways in the email (it's just email, length shouldn't matter :-) if the hostname was at the default, otherwise send the hostname...or just leave it, it was just a thought, I don't care that much.

  • Even including the address of the first WAN could prove helpful.

  • I think the name of the corresponding box would be enough for me.
    I can see that WAN-IPs are a bit complicated in a more complicated setup…

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