2.0-BETA3 Wi-fi as WAN not succeeding

  • I'm running  2.0-BETA3  nanobsd built on an ALIX 2D3 board.

    I would like to setup the Wi-FI as WAN interface, so i can configure the other 3 ports as dhcp leases in each their own VLAN.
    The ethernet configuration is no problem.

    However i cant seem to get a DHCP address via the Wi-FI interface.

    Is it actually possible to setup the Wi-Fi as WAN interface?

  • It is possible, but I've found you need to set up some sort of keep alive feature on it. The dhcp client has caused a couple of issues in pfSense 2.0, so if you have to use it and it's not working I suggest playing with different snapshots as it's one of those things that gets fixed and then breaks between snaps.

    Might I also suggest you try to set it up with a static IP address (just set the IP address to an arbitrary IP address in the DHCP's range), then you can get a static gateway setup in the System -> Routing page, at which point you'll also have the ability to enter an 'alternative monitor IP'. This will mean pfSense pings that IP to see if the gateway is alive, and in turn satisfy the need to have a keep-alive feature on it.

    I've also found that Wifi WAN's arbitrarily disassociate from the access point after about 2-3 days and don't renegotiate, but that's probably more to do with the fact I'm using urtw (ie RT8187 USB Wifi) devices which have iffy support in FreeBSD to say the least (shame, because the linux drivers are brilliant).

    Hope that helps, it's a bit of a fudge, but it does seem to work.

  • Thank you .. i'll try and see if it works  :)

  • it should work, it has for me.

    but reliable wireless isn't

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