Syslog Question

  • Hello

    I've installed pfsense 2.0b3.

    I found some problems during the installation on the HD ( I am using an old desktop as firewall/router) since i had to restore the MBR manually using the live CD (otherwise freebsd did not boot) and using a wireless card (atheros 9280) that is recognized but once i tried to configure it the system freezes. (HW reboot is the only solution, no network no console).
    I removed the card and i am using it only with regular ethernet cards and now pfsense seems to works correctly.

    I would like to enhance the log level and possibly to store logs on the HD ( I have 80 Gb disk on this machine) in order to monitor the machine catching any possible events ( i do not have a syslog server)

    Is it possible?

    thanks a lot .


  • Only if you install a syslog server on the firewall. Some people use syslog-ng for that, you can pkg_add it.

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