ALIX 2c3 throughput

  • Hi guys,

    Perhaps one of you guys dealt with this before, not sure but here it goes anyway:

    I've got an ALIX 2c3 running PfSense 1.2.3 and I'm having trouble getting the throughput optimized. My interfaces look like:

    WAN DHCP (RFC bridged)

    Now, the throughput using SFTP from my client to the linux server in the DMZ:

    Laptop –> Pfsense --> Server 1.2MB/s
    Server --> Pfsense --> Laptop 1.2MB/s
    Internet --> Pfsense --> Laptop 1.6MB/s
    Laptop --> Server (Crosscable) 9.0MB/s

    My conclusion is that every time PfSense is in between speed drops from 9MB/s to about 1MB/s. Reading through the interwebz tells me that the Alix board should be able reach about 80Mbit/s line speed. I'm not running traffic shaping and have only got some simple rules set-up. The server and laptop are capable of high speeds as proven with a crosscable. The Pfsense box is capable of at least 1.6MB/s using the internet but a local connection from LAN to DMZ and the other way around sticks at 1.2MB/s which surprises me. I've tried with and without device polling, no difference.

    Both CPU and memory usage on the Alix machine are far from topping.. More like 30% during transfers..

    Any suggestions?

  • Can you try doing HTTP traffic instead? Or some other file transfer method?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do some packet captures of the transfers on each internal interface, and analyze them in wireshark (or post them somewhere so someone on the forum can) and it might show what the problem is.

  • HTTP from DMZ –-> LAN yields approx 2.4MB/s. Still nowhere near 80Mb/s line speed..

    I'll get some dumps later this week and see how I get on..

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