Accidentally disabled Admin account, what are my options?

  • Hello, in making a few security tweaks to my pfSense box I decided one of the things I would do is use a non-standard admin account to help protect myself from a brute force attack. I created a new user, gave it a password, added it to the admins group, clicked save, then disabled the admin account via the GUI. I then attempted to log in as my new user, and no luck it tells me no pages have been assigned to this user. I try logging into SSH with my new user and it closes the connection as soon as I log in. Logging in as admin tells me my user/pass is incorrect at the GUI but lets me into the shell. I attempted to reset the admin account via the shell (option 3 in the menu) and it tells me it was successful, however I am still unable to log in.

    Unfortunately I don't have a backup of my config so I was hoping to avoid restoring to factory defaults, what can I do to get back into the web interface?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From the physical console, reset the password.

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