Using local network aliases in aliases

  • Since it is now possible to use aliases within other aliases, how about automatically adding aliases for the local networks, so it would be possible to create an alias that includes a subset of local networks, that would automatically stay updated when interfaces changes are made.

    Or does this already work?  I tried entering LAN Net into a network field of another alias, but it didn't accept it.

    If they are added automatically, it would be nice if they showed up as non-editable entries in the aliases list since that is where a user would go to see which aliases are available.

    I can submit a feature enhancement request to redmine if this feature sounds reasonable.

  • Looks like this is a dup of this request.  Sorry for not seeing that first.,25798.msg133993.html#msg133993

  • @Efonne:

    Efonne, I did see that enhancement request, but that does not seem like the same thing I am talking about.  That specifies adding "All local networks" to the firewall rule source/destination dropdowns.  I would like to see all the entries in that dropdown, like Lan network, Wan network, automatically added as aliases so they can be included in other aliases.

    Say I have 10 local networks, LAN01 to LAN10.  I would like to create an alias that includes a subset of those networks, so I only need to create one rule to block/allow traffic from one LAN to a certain number of other LAN's.  Otherwise I need to add 9 firewall rules to block traffic from LAN01 to LAN02-09, or create an alias that I have to keep synchronized manually with the the local LAN's network info.  It would be nice for everything to just stay up to date when I change interface ip settings.

    I will add my request to that enhancement.

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