• Has anyone tried using an aDSL PCI modem with pfsense instead of an external modem with bridged ethernet? :)
    If yes what have you tried and how did it work out? :)

  • I've wondered this as well, it'd be nice to have everything in one box :)

    I was looking though the FreeBSD HCL and couldn't really find anything on ADSL modems though.

  • I too would like to use a pci adsl modem. I have a bewan card, I currently use this with my ipcop box and want to move over to pfsense.

  • Another vote/request for an ADSL PCI Modem.

  • Another vote/request for an ADSL PCI Modem. But would also need PPPOA support

  • Another vote/request for  Pulsar ADSL PCI Modem.

  • Another vote here, im currently uding IPCop as well. I have a conexant based PCI modem which uses these drivers


  • Any news on this? If it helps, I intent to use a Traverse Pulsar DSL PCI

    Edit: The PCI interface is a RTL8139C+ chip.

  • No.  No pfSense developers are actively interested in this as far as I know.

  • I've seen a couple threads on the Sangoma S518 ADSL PCI Card, and I believe a couple bounties as well.  Makes me wish I knew what I was doing, I'd help out.

  • There's someone at the m0n0list who states that he has added adsl usb modem support: http://m0n0.ch/wall/list/showmsg.php?id=191/50
    I already tried to contact this person and got reply (also asked him about the LCD support that he added) but it seems he's quite busy these days. Will contact him again beginning of next year if I don't hear anything from him.

  • You'll never see PCI ADSL modem support for 90 percent of the hardware out there. It's all soft-modem HSP/DSP type hardware that requires the driver to do the brunt of the work. Each time the driver loads it has to 'program' the firmware into the card soft loading instructions. By themselves the ADSL PCI cards are completely dumn. Some of the external USB modems are a bit smarter and just require the right generic usb driver and instructions sent via the usb data connection. That's probably why there's one working for m0n0wall.

    But if you're expecting winmodems to work in a freebsd firewall, you're probably wishing for something that will never come. Well I say never, but Connexant could start writing freebsd drivers for their cheap, neutered, and otherwise dumn hardware some day. You never know…

    The only reason Lucent DSP modem hardware worked in linux is because lucent released some framework for their soft modems for use in linux.

    That's my 10 cents and change. It's much the same as the wireless hardware out there. None of it will run very well without very specific firmware based drivers.