Newbie needing help on WAN interface

  • hi all, newbie here so please be kind. Thanks in advance for all the help.

    I've installed pfSense and have the LAN interface configured as static I've no problem access the webgui from the LAN interface.

    On the WAN side, I've configured static IP add as (Jus some fictitious public IP) and connected a laptop directly to the WAN interface with static IP However the problem starts here.. The link is reported as UP from 'ifconfig' but there is no way I'm able to access to the WAN interface with ping. (Tried both straight and cross cables to no avail). I do have the WAN gateway pointed (Laptops IP).

    What I do hope to achieve is to be able to access web server within the LAN interface through NAT from the laptop posing as a client from the Internet. What is missing here?? :-\

  • Have you tried just adding the NATrule to pass port 80 -> LAN-IP of the webserver then accessing ?

    By default ICMP-requests are ignored if I don't remember incorrectly.

  • Hi eirikz, did a 1:1 NAT as follows:

    Interface: WAN
    External IP:
    Internal IP:

    and then I did  NAT:Port Forward

    If: WAN
    Proto: TCP
    Ext Port range: 80 (HTTP)
    NAT IP: (ext: any)
    Int Port range: 80 (HTTP)

    and then with the laptop, I prep up the host file by having

    and try telnet and browser access: no go :-\ :-\

    I'm still thinking if it has got anything with the link as once connected, my laptop shows that it is almost not receiving any packets from that interface..

    any idea…. =(

  • Okie, I've got some progress here..

    Did a misconfiguration somewhere.

    My WAN masking was Change it to and now I can ping from pfSense to my laptop IP but not the other way from laptop to the WAN interface. Maybe ICMP packets are really dropped. But web access is still no go. Cannot telnet as well X(

  • eh.. anybody can help?

  • Can you show a screenshot of the firewall-rules on your WAN?

    Per default everything is blocked unless you explicitly allow something.

  • Hi GruensFroeschli, thanks!

  • Finally, I got pfSense deployed successfully in our hosting site!! Thanks for such a wonderful pcs of software! Oh and the book helps a GREAT deal!!

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