Upgrading from RC2

  • Hello, i would like to upgrade from RC2.
    I have downloaded the following upgrade :


    Can i use the upgrade procedure from the web console or do i need to do specials things before ?  ???  ???
    My pfsense is installed in full mode on my hard drive (not embeded case !)

    any help apreciate.


  • Upgrade should work but backup your config.xml at diagnostics>backup/restore just for the case it breaks. Also downloading the 1.0.1 LiveCD before attempting the upgrade is recommended.

  • ok i'll download the cd ;-)

    Nobody has done this manipulation ?

    Best regards

  • It should work and I have heard from several people that it works flawlessly. It's just to be up in minutes again in case something breaks.

  • Well, i have done the upgrade from the GUI and all seem ok :! fine business to all developers


  • Hello sorry for the question but i upgrades my pfsense RC2 and i have an error in the banner in the pfsense that say "[filter_load]There
    were error(s) loading the rules: pfctl: DIOCSETSTATUSIF The line in question reads [ DIOCSETSTATUSIF]:"

    anybody can help me please?

    sorry for my english I am from Ecuador

  • If things like this happen on an upgraded system I strongly recommend a reinstall. Backup your config.xml and restore it after reinstalling.

  • pfctl: DIOCSETSTATUSIF indicates a interface is present in the XML configuration but for some reason PF is not seeing the interface.  You may want to reset to factory defaults.

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