Supermicro X8SIL motherboard

  • Works wonderfully with a Xeon L3426 CPU (HT turned off in BIOS).  4GB ECC RAM, 4 port Intel gig-e card attached for 6 ports total, 40GB SSD drive for reliability.  Complete box is under 80W for power consumption and under $1000 to build.

    So far with NTOP, BandwidthD, Squid, 100 OpenVPN mobile users, 12 ipsec site-site, 4 IF running, 29 VLAN's and some fairly complex rules we've not hit 15% CPU usage.

    Easily replaced a $35,000 ASA 5580 while adding a lot more functionality.

    Very happy with pfSense - wonderful project!  Just one little routing issue I am facing (in routing thread) but I am sure that's me trying to configure the thing like a Cisco ASA.


  • Out of curiosity, why did you disable hyperthreading?

  • It was recommended to do this under FreeBSD 7 as it doesn't differentiate between HT and real cores.  Supposedly 2.0 on FreeBSD 8 will correctly do this as it was added to FreeBSD 8.

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