Cant access modem behind pfSense

  • Ok so here is the problem!

    I just set up pfSense BUT i cant access my router from behind it!
    My router`s ip is and my pfsense ip is

    Someone who can help?

  • DSL pppoe?

  • No… we have a ADSL2 line and the signals are going first to the modem witch delivers the ip to the pfSense firewall. The pfSense firewall are then running DHCP server and are giving out in the ip range

  • There are a number of things that could go wrong with this apparently simple configuration.

    What are the network masks on your LAN interface (specified by you when you configured the LAN interface) and WAN interface (will be specified by the modem in its DHCP response)? Both of these can be found in the output from the shell command ifconfig -a when you can invoke from the pfSense web GUI: Diagnostics -> Command

  • Do you have "Block private networks" or "Block bogon networks" set on your WAN interface?

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