Problems shaping traffic the way I want in pfSense 2.0

  • First of all,  I would like to say thanks for an awesome routing/fw OS ;)

    But now to the problem:
    I have a 100/5 connection, which is actually 70/4 becouse of a distance.

    I want ssh,dns, icmp & co. to be #1, then comes http/ftp as a #2(I stream tv shows with my popcorn hour a-110 from an internet site) and last comes bittorrent.

    Bittorent should use as much bandwith as it can, but if the http requires bandwith, it should get it with the cost of bittorrent.
    But SSH should be lagless as much as possible all the time.

    I've tried to run wizard and tweak it, but I always get something wrong and P2P traffic goes to qDefault or something like that
    Is that impossible thing to do?

    ps. it would be nice if we could adjust ports for the shaping using web frontend, and keep those settings.
    Now if I set from wizard that I want to shape bittorrent traffic, I have to edit /tmp/rules.debug and say that I have a port 5881 instead of 6880-7000.
    My ISP has blocked the default bt ports.

    Thanks in advance.

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