New installation then configure DHCP problem

  • Hello all? I have a 1 problem. I newly installed pFsense on my machine and installation is completed. Then I confugire DHCP for my interface. My subnet mask, available range is

    Subnet mask
    Available range -

    with Enable DHCP server on shfw interface. shfw - opt1 interface's name

    Then I was trying add IP address and mac address for my host, but see the following error

    **The following input errors were detected:

    * is inside the range you specified.**

    I dont understand this error what do i wrong? pls help me all? thanks

  • I presume you didn't fill in the range of allowed DHCP addresses because you don't say what you specified.

    Any "static" IP adresses you assign needs to be outside the range of allowed DHCP addresses. For example, specify DHCP address range as to and then ADD static IP address assignments (not in the range to tied to MAC addresses.

    If you want DHCP to assign IP addresses ONLY to specified MAC addresses (e.g. to stop "unknown" systems getting an IP address by DHCP) then someone else will have to provide the incantation.

  • for wallabybob: Thanks man your post is very helpful for me. before your post read my range is - I was thinking client ip address is inside 100 - 200. This is wrong thinking. Now my range is - 110 and I can add manually my client address outside from this range.

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