Load balancer+filover Proxy Problem with WAN2+1LAN

  • Greetings to All
    I tried and tried to configure the Load Balancer + Failover with 2WAN +1 LAN, following this guide step by step, http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi_WAN_/_Load_Balancing, But! WAN1 happens that when all is functioning well is fine, BUT! WAN1 when it falls, I wan2 works, the pfSense apparently that they routed the WAN1, ie it does not work, please if anyone has had this problem will be obliged one HELP!, Since I have tried everything, but I can not do that function when it falls WAN1 rtafico exit at wan2, ie does not change, however, tells me the status of this WAN1 wan2 ofline and that is Online. Please a little help to see if this works for me,

    Try pfSense 2.0 Beta 3, but here everything has changed not to do in this version, this Totel different.

    My configuration:

  • Señores, Alguien que me ayude con este problemita, GRACIAS

  • as sir jimp said to my post, for outbound load-balancing it is in the System –> Routing then create gateway groups in the group tabs. pools are not necessary. also try to uncheck default gateway for fast switching. i don't know but for my testing it seems to be effective. :)

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