OpenVPN & Squid & Transparent Proxy

  • It appears as if my transparent proxy works fine from the LAN interface, however it doesn't appear to proxy stuff coming from our OpenVPN interface.

    What configuration options would need to be set for squid to act as a transparent proxy for OpenVPN networks?

    In my case, my local LAN is with OpenVPN clients being on

    I'm assuming if I had multi real LAN's the squid config would allow binding to any of them.  Do I simply have to add a listen on the address for it to forward all of the traffic coming from the OpenVPN virtual network?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'd probably need to assign the OpenVPN interface as an OPT interface to make that work properly. If the rules don't kick in automatically, you could add your own port forward at that point.

  • Is that even possible using OpenVPN virtual interfaces?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    They should show up for assignment under Interfaces > (assign)

  • That's my point.  I've never seen the OpenVPN…

    several minutes pass

    Wow, now I feel ubah dumb.  :-D

    By the way..  It's also dumb to go ahead and add it as an OPT interface while remoted in to the system.  :-P

  • If you just needed a port forward on OpenVPN and you are only running a single OpenVPN server (or if you want it on all), it is actually now one of the options available on port forwards (available on all NAT rules actually).

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