Matching QOS Rule using Number of transferred Bytes

  • Dear people,

    at home I'm using the routersoftware tomato. There is the possibility to match a rule using the amount of transferred bytes. This is great to put big-downloads in another chain as normal browsing. Also p&p could be successfully matched with this rule.

    Is planned to implement something like this in pfsense?


  • I'd really like to know that too … A friend was challenging me on pfSense on a forum and asked my exactly that and pointing this same Tomato firmware.

    Imagine you download some files from MegaUpload, a Linux distrib. for example... This download would get high priority slowing down your normal browsing... But HFSC would cut the bandwidth in two, that's not a big deal, but I'd rather have a full speed while browsing and see this MegaUpload download in the P2P queue.

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