Account Update Issues

  • For 2 days now I have been trying to get back into my account on the fourms.

    I made a change to my e-mail address that is part of my pfsense fourm account and when sending a activation e-mail and following the activation link after I recieve it, it will not activate my account? All I did was updated my e-mail address. I had to create a new account so I could login and post this question on the fourms.

    It does not matter how many time I chose send me an activation e-mail, it will never work after I recieve it and follow the link. I will try to sign in, but it will tell me the account is not active???

    I would like to get this account back if possible. I have been a member since almost the start of the fourms.

    Thanks for any help on this matter.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    PM me the original account name and I can take a look

  • OK, I just sent you a PM.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I just forced its activation manually. Does it work now?

  • Working, thanks so much for getting this back up for me. If you like, you could remove my darklogic82 account I had to create in order to post to the fourms.

    Take Care,


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