Captive Portal and IPFW Issue

  • I´m using pfSense in on network with around 600 users that are connecting from 6 diferent VLANs (pfSense have one Interface in each VLAN). I´m running 2.0-BETA3 built on Mon Jul 26 05:24:32 EDT 2010

    The Captive portal with per-user bandwidh restriction is working well, however as time passes the number of IPFW entries is different from the number of active logged users. Seens that Captive portal is unable to remove some entries from IPFW.

    Images attached are one example, my pfSense is running for about 17 hours, this is the currently connected users (just 2 users). But the ipfw tables show 8 entries (6 of them are not connected users).

    This keep increasing by the time.

  • Does any of these entries appear in the CP log as TIMEOUT ip's?

  • I´m not sure.. but they could be as I have Idle Timeout configured for 10 Minutes and Hard Timeout to 180 minutes.

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