IPsec / L2TP / PPTP Mutliwan MLPPP Project

  • HI all,

    I had an idea the other day were by we have 3 ADSL connections, all ADSL2 syncing at 20mbit down 1 mbit up. We need to increase our upstream bandwidth so we can obviously upload faster and Our ISP's don't support MLPPPOE and I thought well why can't we bring it back from the ISP Level to just an pfsense box at each end using say 3 ISPEC tunnels
    binding them into 1 connection to link our 2 offices.

    I'll explain this again to try and clear it up if its a little confusing,

    So our main office has 3 ADSL Modems and our offsite office has 1 ADSL modem, if our offsite office was to establish 3 Tunnels to our main office over different ADSL connections it should affectively increase the upsteam bandwidth from our main office to 3mbits.

    How might i go about achieving this any idea's?  ???


  • Hey All,

    little info on this so far I've found another distro which apparently does what I'm trying to called Zeroshell and they refer to it as VPN Bonding,

    the example: http://beusergroup.co.uk/technotes/index.php/VPN_Bonding

    I'd rather get this working in pfsense as it seems just a little more polished/nicer gui.

    I'll post updates if i find anymore info.


  • Well in 2.0 this would be doable but is not yet exported to the GUI :(

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