Ntop on 2.0B3 full update 2.0-BETA3-20100727-1745

  • Guys,

    Error after fresh install for ntop.
    it needs the following:

    So i did below im not sure if its the right  way but seems ntop to run.

    pkg_add -r GeoIP
    ln -s librrd.so.2 librrd.so.4
    ln -s librrd_th.so.2 librrd_th.so.4
    pkg_add -r pango
    ln -s /lib/libz.so.5 /lib/libz.so.4

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Linking libraries that aren't the right version number is going to have some issues. It may startup, but it may not work for long.

    The dependency list for ntop is insane these days, including parts of X, gnome, and who knows what else, no matter how it's setup. It still needs some work.

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