Can't get traffic to land in the queues I want

  • I started with the wizard so I know the basic stuff is in place.

    I adjusted the size of the roots (in and out) to match my bandwidth.  I bumped up wan and LAN acks per the FAQs in the forum.

    Here's what I'd like to do:
    Two Xbox 360s, both on static IPs (actually, DHCP reservations, but yeah) – make these higher priority than normal traffic
    P2P traffic (Bittorrent) from a single PC with a static IP, static source (out) and destination port (in) for the traffic -- make this lower priority than everything else
    SSH and RDP traffic - guaranteed bandwidth, high priority but low amount.

    web, everything else - "normal"

    I started playing around by making a pair of new rules based on the P2P defaults.  I made them more specific, per the single PC mentioned above and the aforementioned static source port on the outbound rule and static dest port on the inbound rule.

    I didn't get anything in the P2P queues even after these new rules, and I'm not sure why.

    I seem to remember seeing someone mentioning that the default "no lockout" rule on the LAN has to be removed for shaping to work, is this correct?  Will shaping work if I use an "Allow all" policy on the LAN?  (This is my home network and I trust all the stuff that touches it.)

    Since I'm already asking one shaper question, here's one other one.  My home connection (Cable) has a "burst" feature where they allow some much higher amount of traffic for about a minute or as long as bandwidth is available, and they then drop down after a while to the "rated" download speed.  Is there any way I can allow this with the shaper, perhaps by setting the WAN queue double the rated amount?  Most of my shaping needs are on outbound traffic anyway, so I don't care as much if the inbound shaping doesn't really work.

  • Feel like I'm talking to myself here, but I think I figured it out.

    UPnP screws up shaping.  By default, uTorrent uses UPnP to map its port.

    I disabled the UPnP mapping in uTorrent, loaded up my Shaper rules again, and now my Torrent traffic goes into the correct queues.  Thankfully the only other traffic I use UPnP for is game systems, so I can hard-assign the "qGamesDown" Queue to UPnPd and this should work out OK.

    (I actually have a few other port mappings in there from a Windows Home Server, but they aren't used enough for me to be concerned that they're in the wrong queue.)

    I'm still not 100% on how I can handle "bursting" downloads (i.e. Road Runner powerboost).

    What I've done now:
    qLANRoot (i.e. incoming traffic) - I changed the "Bandwidth" from 7000Kb to 100 (percent).  I then turned on the "Upperlimit" service curve, and specified my values in there.  (M1 = 10000Kb which is what I've read is the powerboost cap, d=16000 or 16 seconds, according to wikipedia, and M2=7000Kb, my "normal" download speed).  I haven't yet played with speedtest to see if this will work though.

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