• Hi,

    i not sure whether does anyone else asked this question before, and i can't find any topic related to this.
    perhaps someone can give me an answer on that.

    i had configured pfsense to have 2 wan and 1 lan interfaces. and i configure only failover on the 2 wan. i tested the 2 wan by unplug the cable each of them, and i still able to browse web.

    then i perform another test, i to ping continuously to www.google.com, then i unplug on of the wan cable, the ping goes off and never come back (unless i plug the wan cable back). But when i start another ping, it was successful, but the first ping was not.

    My question is: does this NORMAL? do i configured it in a correct manner?

    the reason why i am asking this question is because, i used to set up a firewall appliance, watchguard, and it provided failover feature as well, i do the same testing, but the ping was not drop even if i unplug either wan cable.

    thank you in advanced

    p/s: hopefully i am not confusing anyone with my English~!

  • It's normal, your existing states are not killed when a WAN goes offline (they are in 2.0).

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