Please help optimizing traffic shaper

  • I have received complaints from users saying that they have trouble loading web pages. I checked the traffic RRD/traffic graph to find that all the outgoing bandwidth was being consumed by one single IP/user.

    I thought it was a bittorrent upload but when I used the packet capture feature and loaded it on Wireshark, they were mostly TCP instead of UDP. Also under BandwidthD, it was almost all listed as TCP.

    Is there any quick workaround while I'm learning more about traffic shaper optimization ?

  • I'm not sure what specifically you are asking us to answer?  Also, you seem to think bittorrent is UDP - I am pretty sure it is TCP…

  • Okay, I was mistaken about the BitTorrent/TCP thing  :-X

    What I wanted to know is what I have to do to prevent this from happening again;

    A user consumes all the bandwidth when doing an upload, slowing down other users' browsing speed.

    Will per-user bandwidth restriction feature under captive portal help ?

  • Have you tried the p2p prioritizing stuff in the shaper wizard?

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