Switching to PPPoE

  • We currently have several hundred customerso n a PFsense box. We are running DHCP and would like to switch to PPPoE. Would it be possible to enable PPPoE and have it run alongside DHCP until we get our clients switched over one by one. Once we are done we would like to switch off DHCP.

    Next question is, how are the DNS servers handled inf we do it this way?


  • You should be able to have DHCP and PPPoE running simultaneously at the same interface. After all the customers have moved to PPPoE simply disable dhcp at that interface and delete the firewallrules that allow traffic to pass on the original interface. If PPPoE is enabled you will have a new tab for the PPPoE interface where you can create your rules. However I would recommend doing some performance tests. I don't think we had anybody trying to use that many PPPoE users yet.

    Concerning the DNS I think the default behaviour is that the pfSense assigns itself as DNS to the PPPoE clients (so the dns forwarder has to be enabled). Technically it is possible to assign a different DNS server for the clients but the webgui doesn't have support for it atm.

  • we have used just this method to migrate our customers to pppoe.
    dns the pppoe server hands out is lan dns and first dns on the wan interface.

    depending on your  hardware i dont think you will have any issues with that we run quiet a free installls of pppoe
    server on wrap baords with 128 mb ram and about 40-50 users. with no troubles.

    we have tested on 1.2 ghz via and 512mb ram and 250 users also with no troubles. the boot time to load all those interfaces
    is the only issue we see.

    i think there are still a few old bugs in pppoe server interface setup from webgui that we have patched on our
    own versions let us know how you get on on this thread as i am sure i can give you some pointers on making
    changes to this area for improvements

  • How about submitting your changes so we can improve pppoe server for all pfsense users?  ;)

  • could do i got confused with scott lat time i tryed to do it though will post the diff
    again anyway

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