Vlan iface disappears from CLI when IP is changed

  • 2.0-BETA4
    built on Wed Jul 28 13:32:38 EDT 2010
    FreeBSD 8.1-RC2
    nanoBSD 2g

    Steps to reproduce:

    Create 4 vlan interfaces on a single physical interface
    Enable vlan interfaces as OPT1-4
    Add OPT1-4 interfaces to mlppp connection and assign it as WAN
    Change IP address of OPT1, hit Save and Apply

    At this point OPT1 will show on status_interfaces.php as "Down". Open the console and hit Enter to reload the default menu. You will see "OPT4 (opt4)  -> vr0_vlan204 -> NONE".

    Hit option 8 for a shell and type "ifconfig vr0_vlan204" and the response will be "interface not found" or something to that effect. Only a reboot will bring OPT1 back with its new IP address. Meanwhile the WAN bundle continues to function with all 4 links.

    It may be possible to reproduce this problem on other hardware, with fewer OPT interfaces, or without using mlppp, but I didn't try, just ran out of steam after rebooting many times to get things working the way they needed to.

    I searched redmine but didn't see any related issue but I wanted to check here first in case it's a known issue, or maybe I did something wrong.

    edit: Sorry, I interchanged OPT1 and OPT4. In fact, you can change the IP of any of the OPT interfaces and the same will go down until a reboot.

  • There was some bug recently (as of the 21st) that could delete some types of virtual interfaces (that snapshot falls within the date range) and has been fixed more recently.  Try a new snapshot.

  • Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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