Embedded image update mechanism

  • Regarding the CF Embedded image update, there are posts in this forum and in the FAQ saying this will be working in version 1.0 or soon after.  They all seem fairly old, and there hasn't been any mention of it in a while.  I tried doing an update, and it seemed to go through the process, although once I rebooted I ended up with the old version without my changes, and now the firmware update seems to go to a dead page whenever I try and access it. So what is the status of the CF Embedded update?  This is fairly mission critical for us, so I would be happy to see what I can do to get it to work, but I figured I would ask about its current state before I start duplicating effort.  Is there any updated information on this?  What should I start looking at if I am going to get this to work?

  • CF updates where only supported from RC2 on.  Reflash.

  • Is there anything special about an update image?  I just took the .img file I normally flash onto a CF, mounted that on my freebsd box, and tarred and gzip'd the root of that.  Are there certain files that should be removed from an update?  Is there any easy way to build an update from an existing image other than the way I did it?

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