New pfense install

  • i posted a while back on here when i was having trouble getting pfsense.

    i got the itch to try it again and i have gotten much further than i did in my previous attempt.

    so far i have done the following

    ran the live cd
    configured lan on re1
    configured wan on re0

    hooked up a laptop to re1 and logged into the pfsense web gui via

    went to the wan interface setup, chose static from the drop down, put in one of the 13 static IPs from ym ISP and selected /28 for the subnet.  i put in the gateway and the DNS servers (it asked me for DNS servers earlier on in the setup).

    dhcp is enabled and has a subnet of /24.

    the laptop gets an IP, but i cant ping google.

    is there more that i need to setup before i should be able to browse the net from the laptop?


  • Try pinging the outside world from the pfsense console…

  • yeah, i already tried that.  i think it was option 7.

    no go.

  • Is your WAN link up? (See pfSense web GUI Status -> Interfaces). If not, you probably have a cable problem (assuming something operational is connected to the WAN interface).

  • it says up, yes.

    119/2106- in our packets about 40 min ago

    123/3597- in out packets now (4:21 Central time)

  • ok, rookie mistake…i got it.

    here is how it was setup before i tried to mess with pfsense

    internet------isp gateway------router(LAN- router in my office-

    this is how it was setup once i decided to mess with pfsense

    internet------isp gateway------router( nic of pfsense

    this is how it is connected now (i forgot about the first router)

    internet------isp gateway-------------------------WAN nic of pfsense

    sometimes it is easy to miss the easy problems.

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