Help - Little routing problem based on MAC ID

  • Hi,

    i using pfsense for a year now and i'm extremly happy with it.

    I still need to configure failover (opt1) but for that i'll search the forums :)

    I need to configure "routing" based on mac id

    There are 3 network cards in my router, one for fiber connection, one for backup cable modem connection, and now one for cable modem for wich sole purpose is to comunicate with VOD servers for my two Cable TV STB devices.

    The problem is that i need this to work over my existing network so i dont have to pull new utp cables around (switches are 1 meter from STB).

    STB must go thru my network to pfsense and pfsense should route it to Cable modem on OPT2. IP Address must be assigned to STB from cable modem.

    Is this possible?! and how can i do this… Any help would be apriciated...

    Sorry for my bad english.. hope you understand everything i wrote :)

    TNX in advance for help

    p.s. little diagram of my network... :)

    Uploaded with

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