2 Subnets on one side of tunnel

  • Site A has 2 subnets, Site B has 1 subnet, Site B needs to talk to both subnets at site A(and vise versa).

    I setup two IPSEC tunnels:

    Tunnel 1: Site A Sub 1 <-> Site B
    Tunnel 2: Site A Sub 2 <-> Site B

    The tunnels initially worked, but after a few hours both disconnected and would not get past phase 1.  As soon as I disabled tunnel 2 on both sides, tunnel 1 came up immediately.  I can then enable tunnel 2 again and it will come up, but in a few hours both would disconnect again.  Right now the 2 tunnels are exactly the same except for the PSKs and the site A subnet.  Am I missing something?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    you can try to use the same PSK, too.

    Or bite the bullet and make a backup, then try a 2.0 beta and then you can use multiple subnets per tunnel. :)

  • Right after I posted yesterday I thought I would try using the same PSKs, so far they have both stayed up for about 18 hours, so it is looking like that fixed it. Thanks!

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