IPSEC VPN via Public ip addressing/NAT overlap? anyone Beuler?

  • I have a somewhat difficult task. I have setup several pfsense VPN's with no big issues.
    What i need is quite different with a new vpn setup. I need policy-based nat or static nat type of VPN.
    The servers are rfc 1918 space IE and PUBLIC IP (STATIC NATS)
    I need a VPN setup to access a remote subnet so that the remote subnet only uses the public ip addresses.
    I have done this on several occasions with other firewall vendors. I typically use this with banks, and financial based businesses.
    I have some Ideas but want to know if anyone has done this with PFsense yet. If you have can you give me some details as to how you did it?
    Pat  ;D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Unfortunately, FreeBSD (and thus pfSense) can't combine NAT and IPsec (yet?).

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