OPT1 not working $50.00

  • Hi,

    I need help with configuring WAN & OPT1 interfaces to work in a load balanced way. I can't get it to work for some odd reason. I have a couple backup pfsense boxes also, so I ruled out hardware issue. I have DSL and Cable from two different service providers. I need to add 2 inbound rules also (one from WAN and one from OPT1) so a web server in my LAN network can be reached from outside.

    Here is current state

    For someone with insight into pfsense, this will be super easy to help me.

    Thank you for considering.

  • It looks like CMB is helping you in that thread.  Since he's one of the pfSense developers AND a commercial support provider for pfSense, you would probably do well to work with him and then consider either sending him the $50 or donating it to pfSense.

  • Thank you ! I will work with cmb and try to get this to work.


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