PfSense Captive Portal for FreeBSD

  • Hi for all,
    i search in forums and i don't finded similar topic.
    Is possible to, in some way, port the pfsense captive portal to FreeBSD ?
    If yes, have some documentation about the captive portal (in detail like files used) ?

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    Probably not easily, if at all. Why not just use pfSense there instead of a stock FreeBSD box?

  • I trying have one box at all, where i can use zfs, gcc45 in ports and base system, and use programs like lusca in replacement of squid. I try use pfsense, but the jails is unstable, and after some hours, all pfsense stop working (because of jails).
    Have some port of pfsense to run in jails ?


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    Why not just virtualize it with VMware esx then?

    Most of that shouldn't be on a firewall, so it's good to separate it. Having one box do everything is rarely a good idea.

  • If you want to run a captive portal on Freebsd check out CoovaChilli in the ports. There is also Chillispot although I belive that is no longer in developement. Both work and give similar functionality to the CP in PFSense but in all honesty having tried that approach for a production environment I'd just bite the bullet and use a separate box for PFSense. It makes trouble shooting easier rather than having a box performing a multitude of roles.

  • The one in 2.0 is not possible to be in FreeBSD because we patch heavily ipfw and some parts of the kernel to implement some features.

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