OLSR / RIP on 1.0.1

  • one thing i've encountered today was something regarding OLSR / RIP

    my test-network looked like that:

    WAN              WAN
        |                    |
        |                    |
      PfSense2        PfSense1
            \                /
              \            /
                \        /
                  Switch–---------- Laptop

    LAN: with DHCP ( ~
    VLAN42 on LAN:

    VLAN42 on LAN:


    now when i enable OLSR VLAN42 on both PfSenses like the screenshot at the end.
    (i used an old version to make screenshot.... no access to my boxes atm)

    i'm not sure if i completly missunderstood OLSR but i think both PfSenses should propage that they know the route to the network given in "Announce Dynamic local route"
    but the network on the opposite pfsense does never show up.

    i've tried installing "routed" and tried it with that.
    shouldnt do RIP do about the same thing?
    exchange which routes are known to which router?
    i've disabled OLSR to try this out.
    the routes just never appear on the other PfSense.

    (note: i've deleted anything related to DualWAN or any special rules. only rules at every interface which allow traffic to everywhere)

    maybe someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong :)
    because creating static routes for every private LAN on every PfSense is kind of.... unwelcome ;)

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