Help with Multi-LAN setup

  • Setting up a new Pfsense with three cards, WAN, LAN and OPT1 (Phones)
    WAN is static IP provided by Comcast
    LAN is 192.168.5 and workstations will reside on this subnet
    OPT1 is and will host a physically separate network of IP Phones.

    I can connect fine from the LAN but if I plug into the OPT1 switch and manually configure an IP address for it
    I cannot connect to anything.  What do I need to do to get this working properly?

    The goal is to be able to route traffic between the two networks and allow internet access to both of them as well.

    Thanks for any insight,

  • Is the interface enabled? I think by default the third interface needs to be specifically enabled by marking a box. what does it show if you go to "status", "interfaces"?

    if what you are saying, is that you connected a switch directly to the OPT1 interface, and then connected your computer to that switch and put your computer in the same network as the OPT1 interface then yes, you should be able to ping the OPT1 interface. Actually, you may have to allow a firewall rule on the OPT1 interface because there aren't any setup by default on that interface. So make sure you allow ICMP to that interface too.

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