VIP Port Forward or 1:1 not working

  • Run Carp setup

    Master WAN at LAN at
    Backup WAN LAN at

    Trying to create VIP at LAN port forward or 1:1 to

    I have a LAN rule to allow any protocol from the LAN network to any Gateway.
    I have a WAN rule to allow any protocol from any source to
    I have port forwards working with VIP WAN but can not get any other VIP to port forward.

    I tried to create any out bound rule for and but it will not allow it saying that over laps the outbound rule.
    I tried changing the outbound rule to any gateway but then everyones outbound traffic moved to the Master gateway of 61 instead of the VIP
    gateway of 60 and broke some IP restricted WEB services and I had to change it back before I knew if it fixed the problem.

    So does 1:1 NAT need any WAN or LAN rules?
    Or is my problem with the outbound rule?
    Do I need to make subnets of my LAN for each VIP and its on outbound rules?

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