Subnet on the left and right of the router is 192.168.1.x (Road Warrior OpnVPN)

  • Hey everyone,
        I have an interesting problem.  Our office is a Windows Domain that uses RRAS on an old Win2K box to provide PPTP to various employees. When someone connects via PPTP they are issued a address, our domain is appended to the DNS Suffix Search List, etc. and they are able to connect to all network resources without problem.

    Yesterday I setup OpenVPN, as it is to replace the RRAS box, and was able to connect to it from a remote location.  The address pool I elected to use for the OpenVPN clients was and this was being set correctly. However I noticed an error message in the OpenVPN client that it could not write the route to the local (office) network because it conflicted with my local (home) network since they are both!  So the question is: is there some special routing magic I can do to overcome this or am I going to have to change the office networking scheme?


  • I could think of a way or two, how to do something like this, but….. Do yourself a favor and reconfigure it to use different subnet.
    You will have way less problems and save yourself a lot of headaches ;)

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