Rule order and interface groups

  • I haven't been able to locate it in the documentation or forum (mainly because 2.0 is still beta I'm sure) but where in the rule order are rules in interface groups? Are they matched before or after rules directly on an interface that is in the group?

  • I already asked the question for you so do not spam around.

  • Really? I did a forum search and did not find anything with several search strings just before posting, and though I did tag it onto my other bug report (figured it was an easy question but no responses have been relevant) and it was really a separate topic so I posted it separately instead. Not sure how that's spamming around to ask the question in its own thread instead of as an endnote in another. And I'm not sure what you mean by asking the question for me–I've been following updated posts here for 2-3 days pretty consistently and haven't seen a mention, and like I said I searched first too. I do appreciate the ask, wherever it was, thanks.

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