Live CD won't boot??

  • When I am going to burn the 1.01 version on CD I get the following error from Nero: "The entered block size does not correspond to the image length.The blocksize my be wrong."

    In the past also RC3 did not boot. What kind of programmes can be used to burn the ISO on disc so I can boot it.

    I have used Nero and Burnatonce with no result.

    Greetings, Marcel

  • You most likely downloaded the file with IE. IE tries to be smart and does some extracting on the fly as it is a .gz file. However it's not smart enough to do it correctly. Try downloading with Firefox. Nero should be fine to write the image.

    If that doesn't help use a different mirror.

  • Hi Hoba,

    I am using FireFox and I also downloaded through Net Transport. I also tried different mirrors an I will try to extract it with a different program to extract the file.

    Greetings, Marcel

    I am now using WinRar and Nero is not complaining any more and I also found an posting about this:,2636.0.html

    Greetings, Marcel

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