WAN's in VLAN?

  • Is this possible?

    unmanaged switch port
    [LAN] –--- [pfSense Box] –--- [Managed Switch] –----- ADSL 1 in VLAN2 Port
                                                                        ------- ADSL 2 in VLAN3 Port
                                                                        ------- ADSL 3 in VLAN4 Port
                                                                        ------- ADSL 4 in VLAN5 Port

    So in my pfsense, I'll only have 1 LAN and 4 VLAN's. Will I have trouble with this setup?

  • Yes this is possible.
    No you should not have any problems.
    Although you should not use VLAN1 on the port going to the pfSense.

  • thanks for the correction.

    will this Load Balance well with 1.2.3?

    I've found some Chinese 5-Port VLAN capable switches that are pretty cheap. Trying to compare this setup with having 5 LAN ports on the machine itself.

  • Yes 1.2.3 will work.
    It shouldn't be a "unmanaged switch port" either.
    The port going to the pfSense needs to have all the VLAN traffic leaving tagged.

    so basically:
    port to ADSL1 - untagged traffic, PVID 100
    port to ADSL2 - untagged traffic, PVID 200
    port to ADSL3 - untagged traffic, PVID 300
    port to ADSL4 - untagged traffic, PVID 400
    port to pfSense - tagged traffic vlan 100,200,300,400, PVID unused (just use a dummy like 999 and don't use this as a member of any group)

    On the pfSense create the VLAN-interfaces 100,200,300,400.
    Don't assign the parent interface itself.
    NIC: em
    vlan100 on em0 - assigned as OPT1
    vlan200 on em0 - assigned as OPT2
    vlan300 on em0 - assigned as OPT3
    vlan400 on em0 - assigned as OPT4
    em0 - not assigned

  • I do this for mlppp and it works fine.

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