Question on SIPPROXD simultaneous calls drops

  • Hi, Im having major problem getting the call center to get multiple calls into the call center, they all come in to the center but behave very strange, although we have 10 sip phones and all configured and place calls it cannot handle incoming call if they are more then 2 calls at the same time. I cahev created sipproxy according to the guide here and it worked fine, but not with multiple calls, do you think this is a pfsense issue?? cause my sip provider can handle this traffic and my speed is 24mbps down/20mbps up
    can anyone help??

  • I've the same "problem", BUTsounds like your VoIP provider doesnt support more then two calls at the same time.  (just like mine  :)) I can get bigger trunks, but then I'll need to pay more.  ;D

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