PFsense 2.0 with DD-WRT Wireless Routers

  • What I want to do is:

    1. Setup DHCP Servers in pfsense
    2. DD-WRT router [WAN] connect to pfsense [LAN]
    3. Wireless client could get the IP from DHCP Servers in pfsense via the DD-WRT router
    4. After getting IP, then login captive portal to go to WAN

    In step 2, how to make the pfsense [LAN] interface and DD-WRT router [WAN] and Wireless Client to share the same network segment?  Anyone got experience on this to share?

    Thanks in advance.

  • DD-WRT will act as a bridge?

  • in your wireless router there are usually two interfaces, WAN and LAN port.

    1. Use the LAN interface of your wireless router (DD-WRT) going to the LAN of your PfSense.
    _    Make sure your Wireless Lan interface is not the same IP Address of your pfSense LAN IP Address_
    2. Disable DHCP of your DD-WRT (wireless router)
    3. Enable DHCP on pfSense which by default is enabled
    4. Test if you have connectivity, then if everything is ok, you may now enable your Captive Portal.


  • I have my DD-WRT setup exactly like that …

    Here is the important setup step:

    Setup -> Basic Setup

    Then you setup your Wireless as usual.

    Since I have checked "Assign WAN Port to Switch" I can use the WAN port to connect to my pfSense (well the switch where it is connected).

    The captive portal will be active for all your LAN clients, if this is what you want this will work. If you want to only have you Wireless Clients on captive portal, then you will need a different setup, involving an other net adaptor or vlan… Or you'll have to add pass-through MACs. I don't use Captive Portal so...


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