Havp strange problem

  • hi all, i'm testing havp on pfsense in transparent mode without squid, but sometimes i have strange problem on browsing google.xxx(any google country domain) and gmail etc.
    the problem is that havp reply me with connection failed page and in log i have connect() operation not permitted… after a couple of minutes i returning back to normal browsing on google and its related domain. i'm trying to find some info about this strange behavior but i didn't.

    please advice
    many thanks

  • Are you running Snort? I notice that behaviour when snort block an IP from a site.

  • hi thanks for reply,
    yes i'm running snort but it was disable on interface(wan) and after i have enable it but nothing in alerts or blacklist.
    the strange this is the havp log (operation not permitted) what is the operation that is not permitted? lol


  • Disable squidguard and check again…it may be squidguard and not Havp.

  • hi, no squid and no squidguard installed in this configuration.
    only havp in transparent mode.

  • i'm getting the same issue, but the occurance of this issue has been increased by the HAVP BETA 0.91 release upgrade previously the 0.90 was more stable.

  • I'm running Havp Beta  .91 on pf 2.0 and is running fine…I recently upgraded to 2.0 and installed Havp .91 about a week ago and has been running fine.

  • ok thanks for info i will try to downgrade to 9.0 and try again. i will come back to you.

    Best Regards

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I rolled the 1.2.3 package down to the previous version again.

    I had feedback from someone on the forum who said it worked after the change was made, but it seems to cause problems for others.

    After about 5 minutes it should show up on the package server.

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