Can't port forward to Windows 7

  • So in short: how do I forward ports to Win7 and how do I forward any port to port 80 on any platform?

    I have pfsense on x86 protecting:
    2 OpenSolaris
    2 Mac OS-X
    4 Windows 7
    1 Windows Xp

    Services working:
    ssh 222 -> 22 on Mac, ssh 22 -> on OS, Ventrilo 3784 to 3784 on OS (All set up under NAT and ticking the "Auto-add a firewall rule to permit traffic through this NAT rule" box)

    Following the same proceedure the following fail:
    Ventrilo 3784 to 3784 on Win7 - I edit the above entry for OS so there isn't a duplicate port entry. I disable both kaspersky and Windows firewal and run netstat -an which shows the local connection to ventrilo from a mac.
    Although I can run IIS on Win7 or the built in apache on Mac which are seen locally but I can't make them visible from outside pfsense either using 80 -> 80 or ALT -> 80.
    I can't host games from Win7 which can be seen outside the LAN. i.e. I've tried forwarding many ports to win7 just as I set up my working ssh connections but nothing forwards to win7 through pfsense. e.g. Company of Heroes uses 6112, 9100 & 30260 all UDP. If I run CoH on my Win7 box and test the ports with they're all closed.

    My connection is Virgin domestic 20M.

    I've been using pfsense happily for over a year but I'm a complete novice really so you may treat me as such. I've spent hours trying to pin down where the problem lies but this isn't my area. I will be most happy to be educated if I'm being stupid. Many thanks.

    Mike Freeman
    Brighton, UK

  • that test you linked only tests TCP ports, not UDP. There isn't a reliable way to test UDP being open. Probably a host firewall blocking it assuming the basic port forward is correct.

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