Pfs 1.2.3 DHCP sttic entries, BUG

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    i spent 8 hours today testing this and

    Deny unknown clients
    Enable Static ARP entries
    are checked, PFS really blocks unknown clients, but when you reboot pfs, then simply is not blocking unknown clients…

    than you have to uncheck Enable Static ARP entries, click save, again check Enable Static ARP entries, and it blocks unknown clients again.
    And you have to do that for every interface.

    Tested on two machines with fresh install of pfs vr 1.2.3 final

    can we expect fix?

  • we fixed that in 2.0, nothing is getting fixed in 1.2.x anymore aside from any security issues that arise.

  • so in 2.0 that bug is fixed?

    thanks ;)

    btw, also, when saving settings under dhcp server, pfs sometimes freeze (sometimes, in 80%), is that in 2.0 fixed?

  • yes it's fixed. I've never seen it freeze under any circumstances, not sure what that might be. May be specific to static ARP, in which case it's likely fixed

  • i didnt explain good,

    after saving changes, one of interfaces freezes…
    (i have 6 nics) and one interface freezes, then i have to reboot, and then again, uncheck static arp, check and save, and then freezes again :D

  • also, bug i have with 1.2.3 that almost after every apply on DHCP server one interface freezes (it just do not pass network traffic), is gone with 2.0…

    or at least i didnt have problem yet

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