Lots of nibbly things..

  • So!

    I finally got pfSense working with my setup - loadbalancing and DHCP and the rest..
    Just a few questions though..

    When starting up pfSense, it seems to take a little over 1min to get an IP address (not too bad) but it then takes another 4mins for the Internet to start working?!?! How come?

    Also, the loadbalancing feature - when I was using WinGate as my proxy server, its load balancing featured seemed to make every connection go through a different gateway, whereas pfsense doesn't seem to do that, is there a way I can make it do this?

  • dit you select the loadbalinsing pool you created i youre firewall rules ?
    if you ditend then you don't use loadballinsing

  • Your bootime is related to hardwarespeed and/or wan setting. If you have DHCP at WAN and it doesn'T get a lease right away it might take a bit longer for example.

    pfSense's loadbalancer is roundrobin every new connection to the next gateway in the pool. If it doesn't do this it's not configured properly. See http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=OutgoingLoadBalancing .

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