Any Presetup steps to make Squidguard work - quick question

  • Gentleman

    Reading all of these forums, I understand that I have to use squidguard to block big sites like yahoo, facebook etc who has many IP adresses, which i installed and tried according to the different tuts online here.

    I just have a quick question, should i do anything beforehand to make squidguard work (I tried over the weekend but the only way i can block sites is with firewall rules, not with squidguard), should i set up a Proxy server first (is this required), or is it a free for all and
    squidguard block sites automatically as you add them, as with the firewall rules?

    The reason i ask is that if i have to setup a proxy server, i dont want to run to each PC and manually set up the firefox/IE
    network connection settings so that they can access sites (especially if i wanna install DHCP as well).

    Youre insight will be highly appreciatedĀ  ;D

  • You have to install squid first, then install Squidguard. You can't run squidguard without squid.

  • Yes thanks, I got the squid installed as well, by the looks of it, ill have to set Proxy Server settings as well.
    I just really want the end users to automatically filter through squidgaurds rules without setting Proxy
    settings in their browsers, so Im going to try the Transparent Proxy setting tonight after work and see
    how that goes for me :)

  • Try the squidguard Default and ACL or squid proxy server settings. No need to setup each browser for a proxy. I tested it on my network.

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